A.O. Jones GrOCERY Store
122 Main Street

Today 122 Main St is home to Insure Insurance

Today 122 Main St is home to Insure Insurance

Jones Grocery shown on the right. An ad on April 21, 1921 stated, "Good things to eat." Groceries, market and country produce....(Fort Mill Times)

A visit to 122 Main Street in 1902 would have brought you to the thriving grocery business of A.O. Jones. Out front, you would have noticed his trusty horse "Old George" hitched to a delivery wagon and ready to bring your order to your front door. Deep awnings over the sidewalk kept the sun from damaging tender produce in the front windows and you could have fresh poultry for dinner by choosing your bird while it was still on the wing. Butchering was done out back if you didn't want to do it yourself. 

On Jan. 1, 1911 an ad ran in the Fort Mill Times stating, The Jones Grocery - "Having been in business for sixteen years, one of the leading Fort Mill groceries."

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