Rexall Café & Pool Hall
124 Main Street

Today 124 Main is home to HighGarden Realty

Today 124 Main is home to HighGarden Realty

124 Main when it was The Knife Shop

Shown here when it was the Fort Mill Times

Men in front at peanut box

124 Main Street is the oldest retail space on Main Street. Over the years it has been home to a variety of businesses including Jones' Drug Store, Jones' Cafe, the Catawba Chemical Company, and the" Fort Mill Times." It is best known as the home of the Rexall Pool Hall. In the 1960s, the hall was a thriving business and local parents issued stern instructions to their teenagers to stay out. The doors were often kept open at the front and back to help with ventilation, and locals reported that the cracking of billiard balls could be heard out on the street as people passed by.

On March 11, 1920 an ad ran in the Fort Mill Times for the Rexall Store, "We are in business for your satisfaction today and your goodwill tomorrow."

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