McWhorter's Grocery Store
229 Main Street

2017 - Olive's Mud Puddle

Circa 1980s

229 Main (2 story), gap, 225 and 223 under construction, 221 last 2 story right to left

229 Main standing, 227 Main destroyed by fire in 1914

McWhorter's Grocery Store occupied this space and was owned by Mark McWhorter. Another grocery store, Bayne's Grocery, used the space at a later date. Ebb Bayne was the proprieter. Later uses included Kimbrell's Home Supplies and Chase's Pawn Shop. It is now Olive's Mud Puddle, a creative space for artists. 

This approximate space was also home to Mills and Young Company, which was relocated several times. The Fort Mill Times reported on Jun 16, 1910 - "The Mills and Young Co., has been awarded the contract over several bidders for a considerable part of the hardware to be used in the construction of the new graded school building in Fort Mill."

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