McGuirt's shoe shop
231 Main Street

2017 - Father & Son Electric

Main Street: 229, 231, 233, 235, 237, 239, 241 L to R after 1914 fire

Henry McGuirt operated his shoe and cobbler shop in this space. McGuirt's Shoe Shop also employed Earl McGuirt. The second floor was a women's clothing store. 

Fort Mill was a dynamic town in the early 20th century with business opportunities abounding.  A new venture by Mr. John W. Elms was reported by the Fort Mill Times on May 23, 1907 - Ice Cream Blocks "I have recently purchased an Ice Cream Freezer which freezes the cream in blocks 3x3 inches. Made of the best milk and flavor. For Sale on the streets everyday and I will deliver it at your home on Sunday if you will let me know on Saturday. "

30. 229 Main Street>