How To Use TBHH

TBBH is designed for people of all ages to easily learn about historic architecture and culture in their own community or in historic areas that they are visiting.  It's easy to use no matter where you are, sitting at home with your laptop/tablet or out and about in the community on your smartphone.


SURF and Learn

Look for this sticker on a building near you.  Enter the URL on your phone, tablet or computer and you'll be taken to a tour page on that will lead you thru historical information and photos.   You can get an overview of the buildings and learn about the historical figures in the community that made it all happen. Peer into the past and see what buildings looked like when they were being built and who the people and businesses were that occupied them thru the decades.

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FOLLOW your own Path

Don't have time to take a full tour or just want information on a particular building?  You can navigate thru the address list for any given area.  Pick a city or community from the Tour Now button and choose the address you'd like to visit. 


Enjoy at Home or at school

TBHH works equally well on the road or at home and in the classroom. Because our website was designed to look good and work well on any device you can explore South Carolina building history from virtually anywhere.