Site of Union National Bank
101 East Main Street


The Union National Bank building on the corner of  North Trade St., and East Main was demolished during urban renewal efforts in the 1970s.

The First National Bank Stock Certificate – White Family Collection, Courtesy of HRH – 2015

Postcard rendition of Union National Bank Building and the Equitable Assurance Company of Rock Hill, ca. 1910.

W. L. Roddey

W. L. Roddey

The Rock Hill Herald reported on Sept. 28, 1898 - "Yesterday Capt. Roddey awarded the contract for the erection of the National Union Bank on the corner of East Main and Depot Streets (later renamed North Trade). It will be four stories, including a cellar.  The masons will be on the fourth floor. There will be a tower at the corner and offices on the third floor."

It was this historic location, Rock Hill's original Lot #1 North, that Capt. W.L. Roddey had chosen to construct his new office complex. The impressive building houses a number of growing businesses, including the Union National Bank, the local Masonic Hall, and the Equitable Assurance Company. He rented to a number of Rock Hill's leading physicians offices in the building and even the York County Health Department used the building as their headquarters.  Ironically, one of these physicians, who rented an office was Dr. David Lyle, whose son of the same name, would serve as Mayor of Rock Hill. It was Mr. Lyle who spearhead the razing of the Union National Bank building at this corner and hundreds of other historic properties during his late 1960s push for urban renewal of downtown Rock Hill.

The National Union Bank was a highly successful venture and eventually operated branches elsewhere. And the Equitable Assurance Company operated from this building became on of the ten largest of its type in the U.S.  But many older Rock Hillians often recall this as being the location of their M.D.'s medical office. It was a very handsome structure and served as an architectural focal point. Along with the Friedheim's handsome department store, it served as a substantial business anchor.   

The Roddey's other economic successes in Rock Hill included; the Roddey Mercantile Company, the Carolina Hotel, the Victoria Cotton Mill, Oakland Development, and untold small investments which made W.L. Roddey one of South Carolina's most influential men. His influence was undoughtedly involved in also attracting Winthrop College to located in Rock Hill as well as the construction ofthe First ARP Church.

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