Old Rock Hill Hardware Company
114 East Main Street


Current location of the Hamilton Law Firm

Architect:  A.D. Holller (Builder) 

Builder:     Holler and Wm. N. Ashe Brick Co

Built:        1902

View of Main Street, ca. 1940, looking east with RH Hardware's sign to the right.

View of Dave Lyle Blvd., and the demolished areas, which once were, South and North Trade Streets. The last store remaining on the South side of Main on the west-side was that of the Rock Hill Hardware Company. Image taken in ca. 1970s. 

The Charleston News and Courier reported on June 7, 1890 - "Jenkins and Gelzer will open a first-class hardware store here in August.  This firm is composed of progressive young men of Charleston, S.C., who deserve support of the citizens of Rock Hill. "

The Rock Hill Herald of Aug. 26, 1896 reported, "Mr. A.R. Smith, Pres. of R H Hardware Co., having decided to give his entire attention to the cotton business, has sold his interest to Mr. A. A. Barron. Mr. John Gelzer will remain manager, and T.O. Flowers, R.E. Barron, and W.L. Barron will hold places as salesman."

In 1901, the Rock Hill Hardware Company, one of the city’s oldest family businesses, expanded and the Herald reported that, “Mr. Wm. N. Ashe, proprietor of the Rock Hill Brick Works, will supply ‘about 35,000’ to be used in the expansion of the Rock Hill Hardware Store.”  A. A. Barron, a successful planter and businessman, served as President of the company from 1897 until his death in 1909.

The highly successful Rock Hill Hardware Co., had extensive business dealings with the regions textile industry and warehouses – stores, full of merchandise but due to a changing economy, the old family business closed their stores in 1978.

10. Site of the Carolina Hotel