Site of Friedheim Hall
118 East White Street


Aerial view showing the location of Kimbrell's Boarding house across the street from Friedheim Hall

1908 – A. Friedheim and Brothers

1917 – Marshall Sale and Feed Stable

1946 – Moore and Rast Auto Repairs

1963 – Moore’s Garage     


Image of the Rock Hill Combination Co., “Singers”, pictured as a group in Lancaster Co., S.C., 1889.  It is believed these men often performed at the hall in Rock Hill.  (Courtesy of the Ratterree Collection) 2017

This event space was one of several in Rock Hill, including a large Opera House. It was constructed on the second floor of the H.H. White Building and spilled over into the adjoining building. Friedheim’s Hall was a popular social area often referred to as the Friedheim’s Opera house but it appears it was more of a social area above the Friedheim’s stables and storage area which ran from the rear of the store to East White Street.  

“Let us move across the tracks to East White Street, on the south side of the street, opposite the railroad shops. Here stood a large brick building erected by the Friedheims and called “Friedheim’s Hall.” Downstairs was a livery stable. Upstairs was a large assembly hall, where dramatic performances and music recitals and dances were held.”  [Robbins – White Historic Tour]

It appears from the images that the original building was constructed with native stone, not brick. It is likely the Friedheim’s brick veneered the structure at a later date as they built the adjoining brick warehouses.

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