Good Motor Company
119 East White Street


1924 - Neely and Sadler Motor Company

1946 – Good Motor Company (Oldsmobile Dealer)

1963 – Good Motor Company

The Rock Hill Buggy Company, which had started on Caldwell Street, was one of several buggy and carriage manufacturing companies in York County. Firm such as J.D. Good often purchased wagons and equipment, put their own labels on them and sold them to local customer. The RH Buggy Co., evolved into the Anderson Auto Factory, a national auto firm.

J.D. Good & Sons, Packard and Nash dealership 1939

The north side of East White Street became a central point in Rock Hill’s history where livestock was traded and housed. Part of the lot between the Roach property and that of the Williford’s house site was also used as a stables and sales area for numerous concerns including H.G. Neely as well as J.D. Good. Following the death of a Williford family member, the family left Rock Hill and moved their livery business to Winnsboro, S.C.

With the popularity of the automobile, thus came the demise of livery stables, which in many cases began dealing with car sales and repair. In both cases, the Neely family as well as the Good families became major automobile dealers in Rock Hill during the transition period. These businesses all had their roots on this White Street lot.

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