131 Hampton Street


Current location of the this building on the corner of Hampton and East Blacks Streets.

Architect:  Unknown

Builder:     Unknown

Built:         1856   

The old Rock Hill Fire Dept. once stood across the street from this location, further up Hampton Street near East Main.

Sketch of the original parsonage by architect, Mr. Milton Sadler.

The Methodist Church was the first house of worship to be constructed in Rock Hill, and was originally, on the Southwest corner of East Black and Hampton Streets. The manse for their preacher, was erected diagonally across from the church at this location. The Herald reported on May 16, 1889 - "Carpenters are tearing down the Methodist parsonage so that it can be reconstructed.  Mr. J. G. Anderson was approved by the building committee to superintend the work."

This attractive house was built as a residence c. 1856-57 on Black‘s Lot #7 North. In later years it be-came a Methodist parsonage, used by a series of ministers. In 1876 the structure was rolled to the lot at the south-west corner of Church (now Black) Street and Hampton Street and occupied the northern half of the lot on which the original Methodist Church building stood; and in its place on Main Street the Methodists built their first brick house of Worship, which stood there until 1897. After 1900 the residence became rental property and remained so until it was taken down in 1937. (WBW)  Sandwiched between the London's Printery building and the corner, businesses frequently came and went.  One of the longest running at this location was Reid’s Flower Shop which later relocated to Marion Street.

19. Historic London Printing Company