Old Bynum Home


The historic Bynum house in the Reid Street Historic District

Architect:  Julian S. Starr

Builder:     Julian S. Starr

Built:         1904

This image, taken from the rear porch of the White Home shows a home or two in the background. These homes were along newly developed Reid Street. Courtesy of the HRH Collection - 2006

Members of the Bynum Family sitting on the front stoop of the home. Courtesy of R&R.com

The Rock Hill Record reported on May 20, 1904 – “That J.S. Starr has the contract for erection of a two story nine room residence for Mrs. Mary Youngblood (Mrs. Henry Youngblood), in Whiteville.”  It was this home being constructed that eventually was sold to the Bynum family.

Known as the Whiteville Development, due to having been constructed on the rear “farm” lot of the White’s property, these were choice building sites, close to downtown and within walking distance of many local churches.  The Bynum home was nearly identical to several other houses along Reid Street as well as several on Oakland Avenue and elsewhere.  Not all of these were built by local architect - contractor Mr. Starr, but he did have a significant influence on the turn of the century house designs in Rock Hill.

This home for decades was associated with the Bynum family and two of the Bynum sisters who resided here: Ida and Mary Bynum.  These two ladies were cherished members of the community, always welcoming and gracious.  They were the sisters of well-known businessman, Headen Bynum, who had married Alice Cherry, the daughter of J. Milton Cherry.

The historic Bynum home was renovated in ca. 2017 to sustain its use as an anchor property and feature of Reid Street Historic District.

11. Graham - Steed Home