Graham - Steed Home
143 Reid Street


The Graham - Steed Home under restoration by the Aiton Family

Architect:  Julian S. Starr

Builder:     Julian S. Starr

Built:         1905-06

Until the development of Reid Street, the White family actively farmed the area incompassing both Elizabeth Lane and Reid Street. 

Courtesy of the HRH Collection - 2006

The Rock Hill Record reported on April 26, 1904 - "That Capt. William Graham, a conductor on the Charleston Div. of the Southern Railway, now residing in Blacksburg, S.C., has purchased a lot on the new street near the A.H. White residence.  Mr. Graham will have a handsome residence erected here."

This was the period in which numerous railroad officials moved to Rock Hill from Blacksburg and elsewhere.  Capt. Graham constructed this fine home, presumably constructed by Julian Starr but recently evidence was uncovered during restoration that indeed he had been the contractor. It was certainly one of his most attractive house plans and perhaps the finest example of his work along Reid Street.

The Graham lot was one of the most attractive of the White’s lots on Reid Street, the area once used as the plantation’s barnyard.

By 1922, the home had changed ownership.  The C.N. Steed family, Supt. of Highland Textile Mills, resided here for decades and is now lovingly care for by the Aiton family.

12. historic white Home