Old Coca-Cola Plant
153 East White Street


This lot is currently the location of Swim, Bike, and Run, a cycling and sports shop

Architect: N.G. Walker

Builder:    J.E. Healan

Built:        1925

1928 - Coca-Cola Bottling Company
1946 - Allen Motor Company
1963 - Shillinglaw Used Cars
2017 - Swim, Bike and Run


Mark Mauldin, founder Coca-Cola Bottling Plant

Early 20th century Coca-Cola deliveries from the Mauldin’s Rock Hill Coca-Cola plant.  Courtesy of the Mauldin Family Collection 2014

The numbering system along this section of East White Street changed when Oakland Avenue was extended from East White Street onto East Black Street. And in 1925 it was here that Mark Maudlin the founder of the original Coca-Cola plant in Rock Hill, announced the construction of a second bottling plant and headquarters.

There were two early 20th century houses also located on the lot, which were removed to St. John’s Court behind Saint John’s Methodist Church, and later demolished.  This allowed for further commercial development next to the old bottling plant.

The new plant was built double the size of the original on South Trade Street, costing $20,000.  It was a two story brick building, about 100 feet in length, and “…located between Davis’s Boarding Home and the Bigger’s home,” according to the Herald.

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