226 East Main Street


The current location of First Citizens Bank of Rock Hill, originally the site of the McElwee Home and later Reid's Furniture Co., which became Maxwell and Mayfield Furniture Company by the mid 20th century.

Architect:  Unknown

Builder:     Unknown

Built:         1929 (Reid's Furniture Co Building)

Postcard view of the furniture company (lt), across from what was then the Andrew Jackson Hotel - "Next east to the Kimball house was a frame house built by Mr. Tom Johnston (where First Citizens Bank currently is located) and then sold to Mr. John McElwee. It was a two-story frame house. Right next door was the old house of Mrs. Margaret Nelson Russell. There had once been a really old house here, but Mrs. Russell razed that house and built a spacious cottage there about 1887."  [Robbins - White Tour History]

1920s snow scene along Main Street. Courtesy of the WU Pettus Archives

The Herald reported on Aug. 8, 1889 - "Dr. T.L. Johnston is building a "new" six room dwelling on the lot on Main Street, between the premises of S.G. Keesler and Mrs. Russell." (The area where Oakland Ave., was extended across Main and ending at East Black Street.)

In the 1920’s furniture dealers and funeral directors W.G. Reid and Son bought the McElwee house and lot, razing the home with the intention of building a brick commercial structure, to replace their rental space further down Main Street. However, the Rock Hill City Council was planning to extend Oakland Avenue, and the Reid’s planned building location was moved 10 feet to the east and later built in 1929.  When the Reid family ceased their furniture business, the building was utilized by the Maxwell and Mayfield Company, furniture dealers.  Adjacent the furniture store, the old Russell house was torn down in the 1950’s to create a new parking space for downtown Rock Hill. 

Presently, First Citizens Bank stands on the remaining portions of the old Johnston-Russell and McElwee lots where generations of Rock Hillians purchased furniture.