site of the rock hill academy
Corner of East Black ST and Saluda st


Site of the current parking area behind Fountain Park, corner of Saluda and East Black next to the Fire Dept. Museum

Architect:  Unknown

Builder:     Unknown

Built:          circa 1850s 

Image of the Rock Hill Academy - City Without Cobwebs, Brown 1952

Location of the Academy shown on a 1916 Sanborn Insurance Map

Sometime before 1882 the Rock Hill Academy, which had been established solely for boys, started admitting girls and the institution was moved from the old pine grove. In 1873 plans were on foot to build a new Presbyterian Church to replace the old Antioch Chapel building, which had been moved from the suburbs of the town in 1858 and located on the site still occupied by the First Presbyterian Church. The chapel structure was offered for sale, and Rock Hill bought it for $900 from the Presbyterians in 1873 for use as a school. It was rolled from the church site on Main Street to the southeastern corner of Black and Saluda streets, "or rather the present corner" (the school ceased operations in ca. 1888.) City Without Cobwebs - D.S. Brown, 1953, p. 201

The Herald reported on Dec. 8, 1896 - "At the county sale in Yorkville, a one-acre lot known as The Academy Lot on the corner of Black and Saluda Streets belonging to J. H. Neely was sold to R. Lee Kerr, cashier for $460."  This section of East Black Street quickly thereafter became a prime residential area.

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