Old Williams Paint Company  
132 Elk Avenue


Current location of Kinch's Restuarant - Historically, Elk or Record Avenue was a street running from Main to East Black, it was closed during the 1980s during downtown redevelopment. 

Architect:  Unknown

Builder:     Unknown

Built:         circa 1914

Ad for the new Williams Paint Company

The area sandwiched between East Black Street and the rear of the commercial row of buildings on Main Street was used for parking and storage warehousing for businesses. This image was taken in ca. 1940s.

Historically, Elk Avenue, names for the Elk Lodge that was once on the street, acted as a connector between East Black and Main Streets.  Many important businesses were here including Comporium Communications and Frew’s Ironworks. By the 1920s other business were opening including the Williams Paint Company, the building where Kinch’s is now located.

The Rock Hill Record Jan. 8, 1927 - "The Sec. of State yesterday granted a charter to C.L. Williams Paint Company with a capital of $10,000. C.L. Williams is Pres. and Treasurer, Mamie Williams is V.P. and J.B. Pope is Sec. - Treasurer."

The Herald reported on March 26, 1914 - "Mr. V.B. Blankenship is preparing to erect a two-story building at the corner of Black Street and Record alley.  The first floor will contain a store room."

The Herald reported on Jan. 27, 1923 - "That C.L. Williams will be located in his new paint shop on Record Alley (same as Elk Ave.), on Jan. 29th."

Elk Avenue continued to be a viable auto and pedestrian route until the 1980s, when Rock Hill’s downtown was again remodeled to create foster investment for us as professional office and retail space. 

16. Site of Frew's Boarding House